Thursday, June 12, 2008

Wild Books

Operation "Create" is progressing nicely! Blog number three is happening. Not that there is a lot of creativity in the blogging, but small steps I say. My new peice of art is a mixed media collage tweaked on the computer. I loved the quote by Virginia Woolf about wild books and it went from there. I think I will use quotes and "Illustration Friday" challenges to initiate my art at the moment. They are open enough to get you thinking but closed enough to keep you on a single tack. My problem at the moment with art is too much swirling around in my head all the time and then everything gone when I go to put something on paper! I think small topics, small art and small chunks of time will be best for me at the moment. Concentrate on doing art more regularly but not necessarily for a long length of time. I've started doing a 4 week drawing course to get that part of me moving productively again - hope it goes well!

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