Saturday, February 7, 2009

Blog Award!

Marie Antoinette, a real person, a real award!

Thankyou to the lovely Carole at MADNESS and MESS for this gorgeous award! This is the first award I have been ever given, and I absolutely love Marie Antoinette so it is twice as special!! I apologize to Carole for how long it has taken me to act on her award, but it has been a weird couple of months and I haven't been doing a lot of art or blogging.

Rules of acceptance:

1. Put the logo on your blog

2.Place a link to the person who nominated you

3.Nominate 7 blogs to receive this award

4.Place a link to those blogs

5.Leave a message on their blogs to let them know they have been given this award

Well, I have done the first two parts of these award rules, I will continue with the rest on another post when I get more of a chance to decide on some other blogs to nominate. There are so many other people's blogs that I love and I will have to check that they are happy to accept blog awards as well. So tune back in at a later date to find out who they will be!!

Keep arting everyone! Thanks for sticking with me over my dry patch!!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Well deserved. xo Serena

Romilly said...

Um... Well deserved. I love your blog. But as an 18th century fan, I'd like to point out that that's NOT Marie Antoinette... that's my favorite painting of Madame dePompadour by Francois Boucher - a generation earlier, and not queen, but maitresse en titre! (OK, so she's also my hero. LOL)

Mixed Media Martyr said...

Ha ha ha!!! Oh Romilly, that is so funny! Fancy the "real Marie Antoinette" NOT being the "real Marie Antoinette." Ha ha ha! I don't mind the more scurrilous award of the "Real Madame de Pompadour". She is not beneath me!! Ha ha ha!!!