Wednesday, January 28, 2009


This is a page from an art journal. It is layered collage with vintage book pages, serviettes and postage stamps. I coloured with gesso and watersoluble crayons. Added a hand drawn image of a tree and painted it. Added the hand drawn word "Kenya" and the writing around the orange picture with souffle pen. Embellished with watersoluble crayon, souffle pen, gesso, coloured pencil and black sharpie. This took a few layers that I wasn't sure that I liked before it all came together and I was happy!

The story behind the images is that the 26 year old Princess Royal, Elizabeth, was in Kenya when her father, King George, died. But because the news took a while to get to them, noone there, including herself, realised that she had become the Queen of England.


Toni said...

This is stunning. I've been on a Peter Beard kick for 2 months now, having seen a documentary about him on educational TV -- him, his art, his photography, his journals ... this page could have come directly out of one of his books. Gosh, it's perfection! And I love the accompanying story.

Joanie Hoffman said...

The layers are wonderful, and the story behind the page makes it even better!
Happy days,

Debee Campos said...

totally love!
that layering is the BEST
way to go :)

patri oliveira said...

Wowww!! Amazing!! Love it!

Gina said...

I really like this journal page—the colors, the drawings, the composition. I really admire your patience to do all the various layers. What kind of paper is your journal?

Margaret said...

I'm so pleased you're back again! I kept landing on the bunk bed and was beginning to wonder if you were sleeping in! Love the colours in these pages and the story behind it. I also enjoy the layering technique as I think it gives the piece another dimension M