Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Hundertwasser influence


Been having fun playing with spraying backgrounds lately. Lots of spray acrylic paint colours over stencils and masks that were both found ojects and commercial stencils.

The hard part is trying to make some art on the top of the backgrounds. They already look like artworks and you don't know what to put on the top of them or even if you want to cover them up. But I know that you can't have a lovely complex artwork unless you let go a little and just work up the layers!

So I have shown you the stages of this page. I drew with black Pitt Artist pens and white Zigg pen, then coloured with Sharpies in red, yellow, blue and green.

Not sure if you recognise the influence for this piece ... it is Hundertwasser. The art journaling Yahoo Group "Blissfully Art Journaling" suggested the prompt to be influenced by Hundertwasser, and I rose to the challenge.

Enjoy and tell me about your recent art play!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Red Head

I had a lot of fun yesterday making art with some friends for a day. This art journal acrylic painting is the fruit of my pursuits!

Although I love mixed media, I realised when I went to describe this art page that it is actually pure acrylic paint. The background was done by laying objects on the page and spraying with watered down acrylic paint or liquid acrylic. Objects were also printed positively to use up the paint that was sprayed over them. Once the background dried more objects were layed down and sprayed over again. I tried this technique after doing Traci Bautista's Strathmore Art Workshop.

Then I used a pencil to draw a face over the top of the background and painted it in with acrylic paints.

Lots of fun! I was so pleased to finally use a background painting and paint something onto the top of it. I was never sure what to put on the top of these cool backgrounds. But I love the effect of the background texture coming through the foreground painting and giving it more interest.

I know I need to work on my face proportions a little more - I always make the eyes too big for the rest of the face. I also want to work on making the eyes on my faces more indistinct because they end up so clear and harsh looking - but practice makes perfect, so I will keep trying!

Keep making art guys!!!!

Monday, March 26, 2012

dark journal

These journal pages are in my "Dark Journal." This is an old repurposed ex-library book that I picked up in a library sale. The title of the book is "Cruelly Murdered" and it is about a grotesque murder that happened in England in 1860 and an investigation into who could have done it. The book is full of accounts, and photos and maps and plans, and I knew the minute I saw it at the library that it would be a perfect book to use as a "dark journal" for darker art journalling moments. I decided that I didn't really want darker and more personal art pages in my normal journals.

These pages are all mixed media with acrylic paint, collage, black Pitt artist pen, gesso, chalk pastel, souffle pens, sharpies. The eyes are my own drawing and painting.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Art Deco Weekend - Napier - New Zealand

I love to go out and about with my camera on Art Deco Weekend in Napier, New Zealand each year. It is a looong weekend of Art Deco everything celebrating the Art Deco architecture abounding in our city. This abundance was because the 1931 Napier earthquake destroyed our city and the city was rebuilt in the style of the times. The streets are filled with activities and dressed up people. Here is an example of what goes on:


I promise I will get back to posting some art on my blog soon!!!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

frida round robin journal

This is the last Frida journal in this round-robin (sniff sniff) - I will miss Frida! I still have pages left in my journal that has come back to me, so I might add some more of my own pages to that book while I am still fascinated by her! I have learned so much about her from the reading I have done in research for the pages.

This journal is Lee's and I have decided to do a spread on Diego and Frida. I made Diego a frog and Frida a dove. The couple were referred to as the elephant and the dove, but Frida made references to Diego being like a frog. The quote on the left page is by Frida and it says "If you see him naked, you immediately think of the frog boy standing on his hind legs."

The background is acrylic paint, the frog and dove bodies are from the internet, as are the heads of Frida and Diego. I added stickers and rubons, and wrote and decorated with black Sharpie and black Pitt artist pens.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

frida round robin journal

Still going on the Frida Round Robin. This is my entry in Tracy's Journal. Her theme is a visual diary or a secret diary.
I decided to do a page about Frida's Communist beliefs. The two excerpts are taken from her actual diaries.

The pages were painted with two shades of red acrylic paint. Then smudged with lack ink pad. The image of Frida is taken from a painting she did in honour of Leon Trotsky. I added the hammer and sickle with black pen. The flags are found images from the internet. I drew the line with black pen also. The images are outlined with graphite pencil.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Strathmore Online Workshop

I recently did a free online workshop offered by Strathmore. This workshop was done by Pam Carriker. I enjoyed the workshop and these are the three journal pages that I produced using her techniques.
We used printouts of our previous artwork and journal pages, altered the sizes and used them in new pages. We layered these images and patterns with colour and texture using charcoal, oil pastel, graphite, acrylic paint and more.

The end result was very different art to the original artwork the pages were made from. I enjoyed it immensely. Below is an image showing the progression of the pages over the four weeks. I forgot to scan week three on the angel page (-_-) sorry.

I was very pleased to do this workshop as it brought me back to my old love of layering and layering and layering!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Steam Punk

Steam Punk card I made a month ago for my Mum's birthday. I absolutely adore Steam Punk. I love that mixture of feminine and clockwork, of olde world and futuristic, I love the clothes and the accesories.

I used some Graphic45 papers called Steampunk Debutante Collection. The image of the lady is from the internet. Also used stickers and stamps.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

frida round robin journal

This is my entry in Elena's journal with a theme of anything Frida.

The pages are layered scrapbooking papers, printed image of Frida, acrylic paint, pencil, gesso, stickers and other ephemera. The stick-on letters are really cool! They are puffy and cool colours.
I added texture with punchinella and stencils.

Monday, January 3, 2011

frida round robin journal

This is my entry in Elizabeth's journal with the theme "Self Portrait as Frida"

I kept these pages simple with mainly drawing.

Little bit of mixed media collage, but mainly fine tip felt pen. The patterns on the plaster cast on the second page are actually children's temporary tattoos!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

frida round robin journal

I am involved in a journal round robin with a Frida Kahlo theme. This is my entry in Eileen's journal with the theme "inspired by Frida" - anything as long as Frida's influence is felt in it.

I decided to do a mixed media collage of things that make me think of Frida.
Mixed media collage, using ink stamp pad, fine tip felt pen, found images, objects and stickers.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

frida round robin journal

This is my entry in Janet's journal with the theme "La Casa Azul" - anything you might find in Frida's blue house.

I know this looks a little formal ... but I wanted this to look realistic like a doll's house ... so I went with straight collage and a little mixed media decoration. Research to get an idea of the inside of her house was difficult because visitors to Cas Azul are not allowed to take photos inside the house. But then I found the Museo Frida Kahlo Virtual Tour. At first I was a little depressed that the blue was actually on the outside of her house not the inside. But on the virtual tour I found rooms with the blue around the bottom of the walls.

Now don't sue me for the in-authenticity of the rooms, this is not the furniture from Frida's house, it is my imagination. I had wanted the portraits to be actual photographs, but I couldn't find any actual photographs of Frida's mother's parents, so I went with the painted versions.
The pages are mixed media collage, using acrylic paint, gesso, fine tip felt pen, liquid pencil, and pencil.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

frida round robin journal

This is a spread in one of the Frida Kahlo Round Robin books. It is Maxine's book and the theme is "The Day of The Dead"

Maxine's book is a collection of card and paper held together with two rings. I cut each of the skulls out in various sizes and decorated them with sharpies and sakura gel pens and black Pitt Artist pens. Frida is collaged on from an internet image, but with extra pieces of collage added to her skirt to make it fuller. I also painted over her skin and other areas with Sakura gel pens and outlined everything with black Pitt Artist pen.

Monday, August 30, 2010

frida round robin journal

This is a spread in one of the Frida Kahlo Round Robin books. It is Kate's book and the theme is Frida in San Francisco. I decided to go with her time in San Francisco in the 1930s.
Kate's book is yummy with thick watercolour paper, and it is a decent size to work in as well. I loved working in it. My layout is far from perfect, but time was of the essence, and I am still happy with the result.
It was soon after Frida and Diego's marriage, and Frida desperately wanted children. She lost a child because of her misshapen pelvis from the accident. She suffered much pain with her right leg, and met Dr Leo Eloesser who became a life long friend and medical advisor to her. She painted more as a hobby during this stay in San Francisco, keeping her husband company at his mural painting. She also fell in love with the little children in China Town.
It is mixed media collage with gesso, charcoal, pastels, stamps and ink, fine tip felt pen, Sakura gelly and souffle pens, and pencil. Especially loved playing with the gesso and blue pastel in the sky!
Right, now onto the next journal, the theme is Frida's Blue House. Can't wait to start on it... I am rearing to go!!!!