Saturday, November 29, 2014

glue guns are not just for gluing

Been having some art fun with my friend Helen again. This time we got out our hot glue guns.

This is an idea we had seen lately from Traci Bautista and in Joan Bess' Gelli Plate Printing book.

You use a hot glue gun to draw shapes that will become a stencil or a mask when they set. I found some nonstick sheeting that you can use in the oven or on the barbecue,  that meant we could draw on our stencils then peel them off again once they had set.

We tried a number of different patterns to see what they would come out like. Wherever you cross the glue over itself it stays stuck together and you can make a stencil that is one piece.

We haven't had a chance to try them out with the Gelli plate yet but we sprayed Dylusions ink sprays over them to see how they worked as stencils. They worked wonderfully!

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