Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Hundertwasser influence


Been having fun playing with spraying backgrounds lately. Lots of spray acrylic paint colours over stencils and masks that were both found ojects and commercial stencils.

The hard part is trying to make some art on the top of the backgrounds. They already look like artworks and you don't know what to put on the top of them or even if you want to cover them up. But I know that you can't have a lovely complex artwork unless you let go a little and just work up the layers!

So I have shown you the stages of this page. I drew with black Pitt Artist pens and white Zigg pen, then coloured with Sharpies in red, yellow, blue and green.

Not sure if you recognise the influence for this piece ... it is Hundertwasser. The art journaling Yahoo Group "Blissfully Art Journaling" suggested the prompt to be influenced by Hundertwasser, and I rose to the challenge.

Enjoy and tell me about your recent art play!


teri said...

I loved seeing the evolution of your page and also your interesting interpretation of the artist. And the lines are a perfect place for journaling!

Dianne said...

Love this page...especially the face!
so colorful!

Victoria Robison said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and the chance to see yours. I too love the evolution of your page. This is something i have only done a very few times but need to do much more!!!!!!

Dianne said...

A lovely piece! I have trouble covering up backgrounds too, sometimes...love the face you've drawn and its transparency...