Monday, January 3, 2011

frida round robin journal

This is my entry in Elizabeth's journal with the theme "Self Portrait as Frida"

I kept these pages simple with mainly drawing.

Little bit of mixed media collage, but mainly fine tip felt pen. The patterns on the plaster cast on the second page are actually children's temporary tattoos!


Janet Ghio said...

Love your Fridas Leanne!

Shariyah said...

Hello Leanne! Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog ~ it's nice to hear from a fellow New Zealander! I unfortunately jumped the gun in my excitement, and posted my event a day early! Lisa’s asked that I remove my post until midnight (tonight), so just wanted to let you know that I’ve temporarily “withdrawn” my give-away, and will have to ask you to come back to re-enter when I’ve put it back online tonight. I’m so sorry for the confusion on my part!
I have to say, I just LOVE your Frida portraits - are you as obsessed with her as I am? I just can't get enough of her! ;-) I’ll be over to visit your blog again soon, I love it already!
Peace & Love,