Tuesday, December 23, 2008

OMG - Suzi Blu has my childhood dream bed!!!

I can't believe it! I just responded a little while ago on a yahoo group that in my childhood I always wanted a bunkbed that you set up a little workstation underneath. I admitted that I still wanted one now, and my kids didn't get one so I was hanging out hoping that in the future my grandkids might have one so that I can satisfy my need. And blow me down if I don't notice that Suzi Blu has exactly the bed that I am talking about!

She really is the child in all of us! Bless you Suzi Blu!


Laura Kay said...

Suzi Blu truly lives the make the best with what you have life! I enjoyed browsing through your blog today. Your work covers a broad range. And each piece is so interesting that I want to pick it up and look closer. I'll be back!

Nona Parry said...

Who knew? My first husband and I had a home-made bed like this in a tiny storefront apartment near Thompson Square Park in NYC back in the 80s. We had a 10' or 12' ceiling. The ladder was at the end of the bed, though. His "office" was underneath.
Naturally, I lusted after (and still do!) a bedroom large enough to have real furniture!