Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I haven't managed to get any Illustration Friday art done last week nor this week. Had ideas but not the time to do anything with the ideas. Been thinking a lot though of fibre craft things. I have been sewing beads on a felt bag that I made at a beginners class a few weeks ago. I love the felting look but I feel I need to stitch and bead it to give it some definition. I will post the final result when it is completed.

This post is to put on an artwork I did in a similar way to the bird I posted recently. It was a dyed paper that I drew on with gesso from a squeezee tube. I left this to dry for over a day, then coloured with oil pastels that I blended in with an old brush. I then added coloured pencil over that.

The idea came from a photo called "An armful of wildflowers" from "Bloom" magazine.

This is the paper after the dye and the gesso before I added the oil pastel or the coloured pencil. See you next blog!


Azulita said...

What a interesting process and beautiful result. I've been working with paper mache to give my work some more texture, but you tempted me to try some gesso as well. Thanks.

Jennifer Roberson Williams said...

Ooooh, I love the way this looks! I am going to have to try this method! The work you produced with it is just beautiful!