Friday, August 15, 2008

These are the "Wordle"s from my blog page and my Flickr page! Neat eh?! The bigger the font the more the word occurs. If you want to try out this cool toy, go to

This would be so cool for a background to an artwork or a journal page. It would be a cool starter tool for a writer or an artist. It would also be a brilliant tool for a school project (must show my highschool son!).


Postscript: My son did use this for schoolwork! He was studying the Treaty of Waitangi (New Zealand History) and he chose two different articles written about the treaty and the land, one from a Maori point-of-view and one from a European point-of-view. He then did a wordle of each one to see what words had more emphasis in each article and how they differed. Very interesting exercise!


aimee said...

wordle...i could spend days in it! nice pieces you've done here.

nice to see you on the artjournal group :)

kiwicarole said...

Hi! Just discovewred your blog! Really enjoyed wandering through it and looking at your work! Thanks for sharing! Carole in Palmerston North

kiwicarole said...

Hey! thanks for the comments! I know just what you mean about us being so far from everyone, I read about all these fabulous classes everyone does with all these teachers, I'm very envious! Hey did you read about the swap I'm running on my blog? Are you adventurous?? You would be most welcome to join in!

Monica J said...

This is very cool! thanks for sharing!

kiwicarole said...

Sounds great! Pleased you want to join in! You need to scroll down my blog to find out the details, size, postage details etc... Also to find my email address, can you drop me an email as I need to know your "real life" name and address. Welcome aboard!