Tuesday, October 28, 2008

shoes will do that to a woman!

This journal page was just a bit of a laugh. It was a play on words because I started the page with newspaper images and a heading about Fiji and then fruit stickers and labels underneath and then while I was searching in a magazine for images of tropical fruits I found this rather "fruity" image of a woman who went surfing naked in Sydney to get a free pair of gold Manolo Blahniks (shoes, to you peasants and jandal wearers!)
Well it just all fitted in perfectly!


Joanie Hoffman said...

It's perfect!
: )

Spot said...

This is great. Makes me laugh! Was watching a beautiful surf here this morning - no naked surfers, but I will keep checking.

Nat said...

LOL - how fun! Love the background and the gorgeous journaling. Have a wonderful day!

Teresa said...

Great page! What brand is your white pen? I'm having trouble finding one that writes without skipping.


Casey said...

Wonderful page; totally made me smile! All of the elements came together perfectly!