Sunday, November 16, 2008

happy birthday helen!

Thought I would show you a card I made recently for my friend Helen. It is always a bit of a challenge making birthday and Christmas cards for each other. Because we do a lot of our art making together, we have to come up with something a bit different than we have been doing lately, and on top of that we have to be making it in secret. I decided to go the collage way for this card, because that is what I have been dabbling in lately. It is A4 sized card with a book page stitched onto it. I decorated the book page before I stitched it to the background card. The collaged images are from vintage books and vintage children's playing cards. The text was printed onto vellum with the computer. I added stitches with cotton and embroidery threads.

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Joanie Hoffman said...

Happy Birthday to Helen!
This is a great card. If you feel the need to make one in September, just let me know. Did I mention my birthday is in September?
Happy days,