Sunday, March 1, 2009

I have been published... kinda!

I finally got my copy of "art house co-op"s book for "the scavenger project"! I was worried that my copy was never going to arrive because I heard other people got theirs a few weeks ago. But here it is, and I am completely over the moon!!!

I knew that even though there were 24 sections to the book that you could have contributed art towards, you were only guaranteed to get one image into the book. But I got two images in, and I am ecstatic about it!! It just has given me such a buzz to actually see my images in print!!!

That is my image on the left hand side with the title of the section printed on it! And they got my name right as well!!! I called this image "Thief", here is the link to the blog entry when I did the artwork: thief

This is the second page I was on. I am the right hand image with the Wooster St sign and the traffic lights. I called this image "city" and here is the link to the blog entry from when I did it: "city"


Anonymous said...

Well done and congradulations. Your blog is also on where up to 3,000 people a day visit


Annie said...

Great news!! Are you happy then?!!

Gina said...

That's wonderful—Congratulations! Bet you’ll be walking on cloud 9 for quite a while. Keep up the good art.

Judy said...

How cool - very glad for you and thanks so much for your comments on my blog regarding “The Righteous”
I really do appreciate your comments.
Hope you enjoy the rest of the posts.

Nancy Maxwell James said...

congratulations to you! :) love the art!