Thursday, June 11, 2009

partner journal

I am involved in a partner journal with Wendy in New Zealand. These are the fourth set of layouts that I have done. These layouts are in her journal.
The theme for these pages was still where we came from, grew up, live, etc. But I responded to her pages with these layouts.

I started with acrylic paint. Then I added printed images. The titling letters are stickers. I then decorated with watersoluble crayons, sharpies and rubon embellishments. Four out of the six photos are my own, the other two were off the internet.

I used digital photos of the piles of mess in my house, printed them, then tore them into strips and wove them onto the page with modge podge.
The bottom page was printed on the computer to contrast with the top page.


Sally said...

Oh my gosh, before I enlarged that woven page in your book it looked just like my art table. The one that is well hidden underneath a ton of paper and stray paints and brushes. Then I had a good laugh on me. No wonder I lose every thing I put away so I can find it later.
I have thought about me in that darn brace all summer and decided to make the best of it. That being tying me to the chair and hand me a brush and some glue. I seem to always have a million excuses for not doing things. So much for that fault........maybe I should have that removed while in the hospital.
I do love your journal pages, you are so creative.

Vickie A-Morgan said...

Love your journal pages. OMG is that the Fly Lady?

Kathy said...

Man..I really love these pages you have been working on! What a wonderful collaboration! Very inspiring!

Margaret said...

Beautiful work, love the whole layering thing you've got going, cool idea and love the text and your interpretation of the 'which way' idea.Mx

Shelley Malone said...

Wow - I think that weaving the photos all together SO captures the feeling of clutter and overwhelm. I managed to declutter most of my house with FlyLady's help (bless her!) and so I know where you're coming from. Good luck - don't forget that this is the 'before' picture! xoxo

kendrajkphotography said...

awesome pages! I love the colors in the top one and the chaos vs calm in the bottom one is great :)
How did you start the partner journals? I was thinking about trying to do some kind of partner/group journal or art thing but am not sure how to go about it :)