Saturday, September 12, 2009

52 prompts - flowers

Here are the next seven days of inspiration in my 52 prompts journal.

Please note that these are collections of images and paste-ups for inspiration and creative venting only. They use a mixture of my own photography, art and drawing, but they also use other people's images that I collage in because they inspire me to make art of my own, and I find they capture the feeling that I am looking for perfectly. This journal of inspiration is therefore a mixture of my art and a paste-up of other people's art that I admire.

The sunflower is cardmaking layers of coloured card with images from the internet and font typed on the computer.
The fuschia was drawn onto the magazine images of clothing fabrics, then cut and pieced onto the page.
The daisy page is all scrapbooking paper and stickers.
The daffodil page is a torn photo I took in a daffodil field (there were literally thousands of them) with a Daffy-down-dilly image from the internet. I remember the rhyme from my childhood.
The rose is drawn with watercolour pencils. It is copied from an internet image.
The picture of Sakura is from the internet, it is layered on a beautiful blossom scrapbooking paper that I adore. I practiced the Japanese writing and did it in felt pen.
The hibiscus images are straight from the internet. I ran out of inspiration and the images capture the essence of the flower beautifully!
I have been sick recently and I have got way behind in my prompts, but I will post more soon!


Tammy said...

You're going to have a delightful personal book of inspiration when you are done. Love the Alice quote and rose!

kiwicarole said...

Hi! Hope you are feeling much better now! I love the fuschia, I think this project will be incredible when finished!
carole ;)

Margaret said...

this wonderful project is coming along so well, Sakura is my fav from this post! I hope you're back on form soon. Mx

Kellys Art Journaling/ Sharing The Journey said...

What great inspiration! I loved all of them!

Elizabeth Golden said...

This is quite a project, every page is wonderful!

The Gypsy said...

I love these pages. I, too, collect other people's art and paste them in my notebooks and lovev to look at them for inspiration.
Thanks for sharing.

sweetwilliam said...

What a great idea! I keep wanting to try collage with all my piles of paper in a more personal form.

freebird said...

These are great. You'll have a very nice collection when you are done!