Saturday, November 28, 2009

52 prompts - hats

Here is the next week of inspiration in my 52 prompts journal.

This is just aluminium foil framing an image from the movie "Signs", I have laughed many times thinking of this moment in the movie when they made aluminium foil hats to stop the aliens from controlling their minds. The black is Pitt Artist pen.

I enjoyed this movie, saw it recently on TV and so I thought of the Samurai hats as soon as the prompt came up. I would like to thank Lucy Thomsen for making the origami version of the hat for me out of bronze metallic paper. The page at the back is from a book and the images are from the internet. The text was printed with a computer.

This is an image from a vintage children's book. Very simple, just loved the image and the colours, and that fantastic beret! Because it was raspberry I had to quote the song lyrics, which were written with red Sakura souffle pen.

Quick collage with a background from a vintage children's magazine and images from a fancy dress catalogue (courtesy of Dover Publications) The edges of the background were inked and the title was printed on the computer.

Believe it or not this appears to be an ancestor of mine. Scanned from family photos. What a gorgeous hat! Printed text from the computer, scrapbooking paper, scrapbooking layering.

Scanned image from the book, scrapbooking paper and vellum, black Pitt Artist pen.

Please note that these are collections of images and paste-ups for inspiration and creative venting only. They use a mixture of my own photography, art and drawing, but they also use other people's images that I collage in because they inspire me to make art of my own, and I find they capture the feeling that I am looking for perfectly. This journal of inspiration is therefore a mixture of my art and a paste-up of other people's art that I admire.


Jan 4 Insight said...

Wonderful hat work:) I loved "The Last Samurai" too; great movie!

Lisa Lectura Creations said...

Thanks so much for your visit! I appreciate you following me on this creative journey of mine! Your art and blog is fabulous! :)

Margaret said...

Wow! you've been wonderfully busy, I love the Alien foil hats, made me laugh! I think my kids have those to protect them from me sometimes! Where did you get that hat? is also a fav! love the image, what a fab use of your own family photos, I love this kind of art. M

Lisa Lectura Creations said...

Hi again! Thanks so much for your comment on my tree of hope! I always enjoy creating trees when I get a chance. Happy December! :)

Tammy Freiborg said...

Hello! How are you? Hope you had a wonderful end of the year and Happy New Year!

Love your hat collages. Made me think about the book Go Dog Go! Every few pages, this female dog appears wearing a different hat. Each time, she asks "Do you like my hat?" The male dog answers, "No, I do not like your hat?" until the very end. He finally says, "Yes, I like your hat."

Margaret said...
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Margaret said...

yoo hoo, come on girl it's the New Year! where are you?? what have you been up to??! M

Kathy Carvellas said...

Wow! You are so productive! You inspire me! These pages are great! But, I have to say, my favorite is the tin one from the movie "Signs". That's one of my favorite movies and I still laugh out loud when the tin hat scene occurs. Priceless!