Tuesday, November 16, 2010

frida round robin journal

This is my entry in Janet's journal with the theme "La Casa Azul" - anything you might find in Frida's blue house.

I know this looks a little formal ... but I wanted this to look realistic like a doll's house ... so I went with straight collage and a little mixed media decoration. Research to get an idea of the inside of her house was difficult because visitors to Cas Azul are not allowed to take photos inside the house. But then I found the Museo Frida Kahlo Virtual Tour. At first I was a little depressed that the blue was actually on the outside of her house not the inside. But on the virtual tour I found rooms with the blue around the bottom of the walls.

Now don't sue me for the in-authenticity of the rooms, this is not the furniture from Frida's house, it is my imagination. I had wanted the portraits to be actual photographs, but I couldn't find any actual photographs of Frida's mother's parents, so I went with the painted versions.
The pages are mixed media collage, using acrylic paint, gesso, fine tip felt pen, liquid pencil, and pencil.


lee said...

I love them! Fabulous work on those pages!

Janet Ghio said...


Nancy Maxwell James said...

Love your journal pages! they have so many lovely details!