Saturday, March 5, 2011

Strathmore Online Workshop

I recently did a free online workshop offered by Strathmore. This workshop was done by Pam Carriker. I enjoyed the workshop and these are the three journal pages that I produced using her techniques.
We used printouts of our previous artwork and journal pages, altered the sizes and used them in new pages. We layered these images and patterns with colour and texture using charcoal, oil pastel, graphite, acrylic paint and more.

The end result was very different art to the original artwork the pages were made from. I enjoyed it immensely. Below is an image showing the progression of the pages over the four weeks. I forgot to scan week three on the angel page (-_-) sorry.

I was very pleased to do this workshop as it brought me back to my old love of layering and layering and layering!


Janet Ghio said...

Great job on your pages laanne. i enjoyed Pam['s workshop!

teri said...

I loved seeing how your pages turned out. You did a wonderful job with them!

Dianne said...

these journal pages turned out fantastic. thanks for showing the progression- really amazing transformation!