Friday, September 5, 2008


This is a page in the art journal I have started. The photo is of me in my teenage dancing days. The process was glued in a vintage ballet book page, painted over acrylic paints with a brayer, fixed on photo printed on transparency, freehand lettering done in souffle pen.
I can't believe I actually finished a page!!! Mind you I haven't journalled on it yet. Maybe tomorrow!


Azulita said...

This one is great too.

I'm just on the first chapter of The Artist's Way but so far it seems like its going to be great. It does have a fair amount of work to do with it. It asks you to write three pages of longhand "morning pages" a day, go on at least one "Artist Date" a week and then has about 10 exercises for you to pick from to work on over the week. There's a group that's been organized at to work through it together. You could still join in. :)

Azulita said...

I don't think I did the link right on that last comment. Here it is again:

Margaret said...

Hi cool new blogger! love your style! Thanks so much for your comments on my blog, I've only been at this a couple of months myself but have to say it's a load of fun and the challenges are a great way to stay motivated. Will be keeping my eye on you:)

Raewyn aka whinney said...

wow wow wow, your art is amazing. I am in awe.
Have a great week in the Bay.

Jennifer Roberson Williams said...

I think this page looks great without words! I really like the distressing you did in the paint.

I wouldn't have guessed that was you either had you not said something.