Thursday, September 4, 2008

My Little Book of Love

Well, decided to add a post while I am waiting for gel to dry on an artwork. This is a tiny wee art journal I have started, almost in jest, just to get me collaging and journalling. The book measures a magnificent 7cm x 7cm. That makes a double page layout of 14cm x 7cm. I picked up a pile of these little books from "The $2 Shop" (that is NZ $2). They are cheaply made with corrugated cardboard wrapped with fabric for the covers and cheap handmade paper inside. But with a little gesso magic they are ready for art. I named this one "My Little Book of Love" and am filling it with little spreads showing things that I love. So far there is Angels, Coffee and Art. Definately 3 of my top faves! I will post extra pages as I manage to complete them.


Sarah said...

oh what a gorgeous little book!

I started an art journal earlier this year and have so far completed a grand total of 2 pages. and the front cover.


I just never seem to find the time.

Maybe I need a teeny tiny little book like yours to get me moving.... great idea - and I have just the book in mind...

thank you

Azulita said...

This is so neat. You are making me want to go out and little a little book too.

amyrehnae said...

I keep wanting to something just for me...this could be just the thing! A tiny little book of things I love! What a mahvelous idea!

Curious Art said...

I love this tiny journal! What a great idea, & as a java junkie I especially like that coffee spread.