Tuesday, October 14, 2008

illustration friday "strings"

"strings attached"

This is my Illustration Friday entry for this week. It is a pencil drawing on paper, with string and a red heart cut from a coloured magazine page. It is late at night, but I had to post this before I went to bed!! Goodnight!



That's our heart!!
great work!!

"Maggie" said...

Ah yes, my heart too has many strings attached, so many it will fill a page. What a great take on the word "strings."

Zórdís said...

I like this a lot ... can feel her deep strings of love to so many directions.

Great piece for strings.

in with the misfits said...

This is lovely! I love the simplicity - the heart is such a great accent for the piece!


joseph's art and stuff said...

love the linework!