Friday, July 3, 2009

miss saigon

Last night I went to the Napier Operatic Society's production of "Miss Saigon" and I enjoyed it immensely.
The story seemed to really kindle some emotions in me, and I cried through most of the show. Which is very strange because it WAS a musical!! And musicals have the effect of suspending my belief usually. I usually enjoy a good musical, but I never get immersed in it like I do in a movie. (My husband usually says of musicals... "It would have been a good story if they didn't keep bursting into song!") But with this one, I did get involved.
I liken it to "Les Miserables", but I never cried in "Les Miserables", only it seemed more real because it was a recent war that we have been exposed to a lot through TV and movies.
They say that it is a modern version of "Madam Butterfly", but I haven't managed to see that yet. I really should rent a DVD version.
From "Sun and Moon" lyrics by Kim and Chris:
you are sunlight and I moon
joined by the gods of fortune
midnight and high noon
sharing the sky
we have been blessed, you and I
you are here like a mystery
I'm from a world that's so different
from all that you are
how in the light of one night
did we come so far?"
From "I'd Give My Life For You" lyrics sung by Kim:
"was he a ghost? was he a lie
that made my body laugh and cry?
then, by my side, the proof I see:
his little one, gods of the sun, bring him to me!"
From "Bui-Doi" lyrics sung by John:
"They're called Bui-Doi
The Dust of life
Concieved in hell
And born is strife
They are the living reminders
Of all the good we failed to do
We can't forget
Must not forget
That they are all
Our children too"


Donna Childree Gotlib said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful evening.

aby said...

This is great!!!