Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pukeora photos

I love taking photos since I got a digital camera! It is just so easy! You can take as many photos as you like without the worry of wasting the film. I have had many artist's dates with my camera since I got it.

These are a few photos from a trip to a wonderful festival held at the old Pukeora Estate on the San Hill behind Waipukurau in the Hawkes Bay of New Zealand. The old Sanatorium was first built to care for the soldiers returning from World War 1, later it became a Tuberculosis Sanatorium. In the late 1950s it was redeveloped as a home for the disabled and physically handicapped. The hospital was closed in 1998 and the property is now used as a vineyard, winery and function center with accommodation.

The old hospital feel to the buildings is eerie and the perfect location for the Festival. I took many many photos while I was there. Here is a tiny sampling.

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Margaret said...

Interesting post, your pics convey a very special atmosphere, I particularly like the second one. I once worked in a hospital library in London where the storage was in the old part, the building had a very strange kind of stillness about it, also quite eerie. I'd love to see more pics if you have them! M