Wednesday, October 14, 2009

illustration friday "flying"

Illustration Friday entry for the prompt "flying"
Once again I haven't managed to post to this group for ages. Hope to get back on track again!
This is a mixed media collage. This journal page has torn pages underneath from a vintage book of boy's stories. Then I drew over that with watersoluble crayons and then over that with acrylic paints. Three collage elements from a magazine, white and black pens.


cacaomental said...

wow I like it! as a whole it works very well but i specially like the texture of the text you can perceive through the paint and the man position. Great. Btw, thanks for your comment on mine.


great, fun piece !!!

ikosaedri said...

Lovely mix of textures!

Ascender Rises Above said...

enjoyed visiting today and seeing your wide variety of art. i like the collections of things; animals, flowers, windows. thanks for the tour!