Monday, October 19, 2009


This is a scan of a drawing I did recently in pencil from an image in a book. Unfortunately I still haven't got the hang of scanning pencil drawings and getting them to come out looking right. It is a lot clearer in real life. I love drawing and I find that it really relaxes me. I disappear into another world when I am concentrating on the lines and spaces and time passes so quickly. If I do a long drawing session then I come out of it physically tired. Does drawing exhaust and relax you?

The book is fantastic inspiration and a fantastic source for people who like drawing fashion. The book is called "Fruits" by Phaidon. Here is the link to it on Amazon:

And here is a link to the exhibition:

The Tokyo Street Style outfits are funky and crazy and fun to draw!!! Below is the page that I used as a model to draw from.

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Lucky Dip Lisa said...

Great drawing! Wish I was half as good!