Tuesday, October 20, 2009

illustration friday "frozen"

Illustration Friday entry for the prompt "frozen" - Yay!!!! I managed two weeks in a row!!

This is a mixed media collage in my little "52 prompts" inspiration journal. It is in under the prompt "weather and it is "snow".

The background started with smeared gesso and silver acrylic paint. Then strips of two shades of blue sellotape. You can't really see the effect of these first layers properly. The silver has scanned looking grey and the sellotape strips are actually a beautiful, glossy, transparent blue.

Then I collaged images of the girl and jewels from magazines. I folded the largest jewel image and snipped it like a snowflake. Then decorated with white Uniball Signo pen and black Pitt Artist pen.

I didn't use any blue paint, so the blue that you see is all done with the nifty sellotape that I bought.

This is a scan of the page before I added the collage elements and the decorations. It is the smeared gesso and silver acrylic paint with the two shades of blue sellotape over the top. The sellotape is ripped into strips.

The effect is much better if you are looking at the actual art in front of you. The sellotape is really shiny and it adds gloss to the coloured page and the blue colour intensifies wherever the blue is overlapped.


Tammy said...

Love the snowflake jewel. Those skinny, bare legs are perfect for the frozen prompt - especially with the wonderfully created cold background.

pinkglitterfae said...

great job! you illustrated the word perfectly!

Emily said...

Very pretty!
I like hearing about the process too!

Margaret said...

very cool to get an effect like this without blue paint, I shall view my sellotape with new eyes! I don't even know if we get it in other colours here. I like this page very much! M

Anonymous said...

Ooo I love the page! The snowflakes are great and the way you made the background is very cool :)

Ramona Davidson said...

Very creative. I am just amazed at everyone's talent. Thanks for the view and guided tour of how to do something so unique. Great art.

fromthepines said...

Cool! It is so different to see frozen with August...:)

Thanks for your comments on my blog!