Friday, October 9, 2009

52 prompts - buildings

Here are the next seven days of inspiration in my 52 prompts journal.

This is a photo that I took in Wellington, in New Zealand. Printing done with Pitt Artist pen. It is mounted on a handmade looking paper.

This was someone else's artwork on the internet that just moved me, so I have kept it as a paste up for inspiration.

That is ephemera monopoly money in the background, with internet images pasted on top. Text was printed on the computer, and pen used was Pitt Artist pen.

Images off the internet and layered with coloured card. Printing done with chisel ended pen and Pitt Artist pen.
I love Hundertwasser's wonderful organic buldings in beautiful colours!

Internet images of the building and King Kong. Paper scrapbooking frame. Blue card and black Pitt Artist pen.

Images from the Globe off internet. Text printed from computer. Lady Macbeth image is a previous collage artwork I created.

This was the first building that I thought of! Scrapbooking papers, stickers, rubons. Text written with black Pitt Artist pen.
Please note that these are collections of images and paste-ups for inspiration and creative venting only. They use a mixture of my own photography, art and drawing, but they also use other people's images that I collage in because they inspire me to make art of my own, and I find they capture the feeling that I am looking for perfectly. This journal of inspiration is therefore a mixture of my art and a paste-up of other people's art that I admire.


Tammy said...

The Hundertwasser page is my favorite!

Margaret said...

I love your Wellington view, great angle, which building is it? (I've been away too long...) Monopoly is also very cool. Mx

kiwicarole said...

Hey, you've been very busy! Did you get down to wearable arts?
carole ;)

Mixed Media Martyr said...

Margaret, I can't remember which building it was! I was being pretty snap happy at the time!! hehe!

Laura Kay said...

This is a neat concept. Lots of inspiration! Art friends are great!!!

Margaret said...

oh no another thing I'll have to put on my 'to do' list next time I'm over!! along with visiting KiwiCarole and eating cake! Mx